Frequently Asked Questions

How to Sell

1.Add your item to the sale queue from the sell page

2.Click "Steam Inventory", Choose the game, and choose items that you want to sell. Click the refresh button on the right side to refresh your steam inventory list. Note: Your suspended items will not be shown here.

3.Click “Queue”, then items will be move into your sell queue list.

4.Click the item to cancel an item, or choose "Delete All" to reset your queue. If you are ready to sell your items, click “Sell” and wait for the process.

5.An IGEX™ bot will send you a trade offer. The trade offer will contain a security token that should match the one displayed on the site.

oThe purpose of this token is to prove the authenticity of the bot. If the token the bot sends you does not match the token in your account page, do NOT accept the trade and alert an IGEX™ team member immediately by creating a Support Ticket.

6.You have 2 minutes to accept the trade offer before it automatically expires, depending on the busyness of the bot.

oIf you do not accept the trade offer within the 2 minute window, you can repeat step 1 - 4 again.

7.Someone purchases your item.

8.If your item already sold, you will be paid immediately. Your earnings will automatically be applied to your IGEX Wallet Funds balance, where you can use it to buy other items, or cashout for real-life money.

How to Buy

1.Make sure you have enough funds balance. If not simply add your balance from “Funds”

2.Find the item you want to buy and click "Add to Cart" to add it to your cart.

3.Click Add to Cart to confirm that you want to buy the item.

4. If you are ready to checkout the items, click the icon on the navigation bar, and choose one of the item as shown below.

5. Check all the items in your cart, if you are ready to buy them, choose one of the payment method, Choose "Balance" to pay your cart with your IGEXMarket balance or choose "Invoice" to pay your cart instantly.

6.If you choose invoice checkout, a pop-up will show up to guide your payment. Choose continue and follow the further instructions.

How to Deposit to IGEX Wallet

1.Click on ”Funds” on the navigation bar.

2. Choose “Add Funds”

3. Transfer your funds to one of the following bank accounts. If you did, click on "Konfirmasi Pembayaran" to confirm your deposit.

4.Fill all the info that asked on Confirmation Page. Such as Bank Type, Bank Number, Name on Bank Account, Total Transfer, Transfer Info, Date of Transfer, and Attach your Bank Transfer Receipt. Then Click “Submit”

* Please make sure all your confirmation info that you fill on confirmation page is true.

* For manual Deposit Method usually took 1 min – 24 hours process time or can be more based on manual deposit queue.

* (IMPORTANT) For manual Deposit Method, you HAVE to write "Deposit" on your proof of transfer.

* For Instant Deposit Method you will be charge Rp2.500 for each deposit transaction but you will instantly get your balance right after your done with your payment.

How to Withdraw from IGEX Wallet

You may cashout your wallet funds via Indonesia Bank on the Funds page

1.Click on ”Funds” on the navigation bar.

1. Click on "Withdraw".

2. You need to fill how many amount you want to withdraw after IGEX Withdraw Fee & Bank Fee and Make sure you withdraw not more than total balance you have in your IGEX wallet, so if you have less wallet funds balance than your withdraw amount you will not possible to do that cashout. Click "Submit".

*Your cashout will be processed following the queue of withdraw on IGEXMarket.

*More Details of each Withdraw method are available on the Funds Withdraw page.

*Our IGEX Withdraw Fee is 1% Flat with min. Rp 5000 for each withdraw.

How much fee do IGEX charge?

List of fees IGEXMarket have :

1. IGEXMarket charges a sale fee of 5% per sale from the amount deposited to the seller's account on sale.

2. IGEXMarket charges a Withdraw/Cashout fee of 1% per Withdraw from the amount Withdrawed by seller. With min. Rp 5.000 for each Cashout Transaction.

3. IGEXMarket charges an Instant Deposit transaction fee Rp 2.500 per each instant deposit transation.

3. IGEXMarket charges a Manual Deposit transaction without any fees (Zero Fees) per each manual deposit transation.

How to edit your item's price

You can only edit the price of a item if our bot is currently holding it, and it has not been sold already.

1.Click on your name in the upper right hand corner

2.Click Sales Listing

3.Find the item you want to change and click "Edit"

4.To change the price, edit the "Price" field and click "Submit"

How to withdraw your item from IGEXMarket

You can only edit the price of a item if our bot is currently holding it, and it has not been sold already.

1.Click on your name in the upper right hand corner

2.Click Sales Listing

3.Find the item you want to change and click "Remove"

4.To change the price, edit the "Price" field and click "Submit"

Why is my item in a trade hold?

There are two types of trade holds that your items can be in: a Steam trade hold which affects every game, or a 7 Days trade lock which only affects CSGO.

To avoid a Steam trade hold, you must have a Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator enabled on your Steam account. CSGO Trade locks apply to any CSGO item listed for sale, and last seven days.

How long does it take to get a trade offer?

Trade offers are sent instantly. If your trade offer takes longer than 15 minutes from the time you checked out or placed an item for sale, please send in a Support Ticket.

How to make a support ticket?

1.Click on your name in the upper right hand corner, click "Support"

2.Click “Create New Ticket”

3.Fill all field on New Support ticket. Such as Category, Name Ticket, Body Ticket, Ticket Attachment

4.Click “Submit”
* Keep the Ticket explanation as clear as possible and attach as much as possible proof that you have.
* Our Customer Services will be process all the support based on the queue. Usually not more than 48 Hours but still depends on busyness of ticket queue.
* Spamming Ticket Support will not make your ticket get more priority than others. Instead you can get more delay on your ticket case or less priority than others from IGEX Support Team.

What's the difference between Instant Checkout and Buy with Balance?

Instant Checkout is an instant payment using Midtrans service, and there is fee for every transaction (IDR 2500). You can choose one of the payment method, and complete the transaction. You can't have more than one active checkout.

Buy with Balance is another payment using your IGEXMarket balance to pay your checkout without any fee. You can Top-up your balance here

Do NOT DISCLOSE Bank Transfer Information to 3rd Party

Customers SHOULD NOT disclose bank transfer payment information to any persons or 3rd party except our customer service officer via LiveChat.

Disclosing your bank transfer payment information to 3rd party persons may result in your payment being claimed and used by them. IGEXMarket verifies every deposit transaction with the bank transfer information

Please keep in mind! You're Responsible for your own bank transfer information. We WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE for any monetary loss.